After Knee Replacement: Keeping Your Knee Healthy

After Knee Replacement: Keeping Your Knee Healthy

You can keep your knee healthy by knowing the right moves and avoiding the wrong ones. Some activities could harm your artificial knee and may be permanently restricted. Your doctor and physical therapist will give you specific instructions and advice.


  • Position your knee comfortably as you go about daily activities.
  • Continue to exercise and walk every day as instructed by your doctor.
  • Use an ice pack if your knee starts to swell or feel tender.


  • Avoid twisting your knee. Turn your entire body instead.
  • Avoid jumping or any impact activity. It could loosen your new knee joint.
  • Avoid forced movements, such as bending your knee too far.
  • Avoid stairs immediately following surgery. Ask your doctor when your knee will be strong and mobile enough to climb stairs.
  • Avoid putting a pillow behind your knee when you are resting. This may keep you from straightening it completely.

Follow-up care

Your orthopaedic surgeon will schedule follow-up exams to make sure that your knee is healing correctly. Use this time to ask any questions you have about your recovery or activities.