Monday Health Minute | Published December 11, 2018

Health Tips if You are Stuck in a Snowstorm

Winter weather is certainly in full blast. Here’s what to do if you ever become trapped in your car during a snowstorm.

  • Save your battery. – Do not let it go to waste. Balance your electrical needs and conserve your battery power.
  • Don’t sleep. – At least one person should stay awake to look for rescue.
  • Exercise and insulate. – Move around to maintain body heat and use every available covering to keep insulated. Huddle with other passengers.
  • Ventilate. – If you run the engine to keep warm, open a window slightly for ventilation and periodically clear snow from the exhaust pipe. Otherwise you risk the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Use your “flashers.” – Set your turn signals to flashing and hang a distress flag from the car, such as an old shirt or towel.