News | Published June 24, 2014

Head injuries and concussions may cause lingering symptoms

School is out and summer is in full swing, which means there are more opportunities for kids to spend time outside and play with their friends. While I encourage children to stay active during the summer months, there is a possibility that your child may get injured or even experience a concussion.

In a recent study from the division of emergency medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital, researchers studied patients 11 to 22 years old that suffered from concussions to document the duration of symptoms in each patient.

Their findings consisted of both physical and emotional symptoms that lasted up to three weeks post-injury. The most common side effects were:

  • Irritability (lasting up to 16 days)
  • Trouble sleeping (lasting up to 16 days)
  • Frustration (lasting up to 14 days)
  • Poor concentration (lasting up to 14 days)

If your child experiences a head injury, even a light bump on the head, it’s important to take them to see their pediatrician within one or two days. You should seek emergency care if your child has a head injury and starts vomiting, has a headache that gets worse, has changes to their behavior, has difficulty with physical coordination, has slurred speech or is confused.

Children should refrain from playing or vigorous activity until they have been cleared by a medical professional and all signs of a concussion are gone.