Health Break | Published March 28, 2011

Foods you can eat to keep your bladder healthy

It’s important that your bladder be as healthy as possible to avoid infections, cancer and other ailments. Here are a few foods that are well-known to keep your bladder as healthy as possible. o Cranberries – They are full of antioxidants that assist in strengthening the walls of the bladder.o Water – Adequate consumption of water is one of the best ways to prevent bladder infections. Water helps to rid the body of toxins and wastes that can build up in the bladder. o Yogurt – Yogurt is known to be effective in cutting your risk for developing bladder cancer, as well as preventing the spread of a yeast infection. o Fiber – Foods high in fiber have been known to help reduce constipation. This helps alleviate any pressure on the bladder, allowing it to function properly. For more health-related information in your inbox, sign up for our free e-newsletter.