News | Published April 12, 2012

Exposure to sunlight may reduce risk of allergies and eczema in children

We live here in Central Pennsylvania, one of the cloudiest places in the United States, and we have significant issues here with allergies and eczema, so this article was especially intriguing to me. It frequently happens that people who move here seem to develop new allergies and skin issues as compared to people living in the south. I had always figured that it was related to the many environmental allergens that are part of our region, but maybe there is more to it? Could this be another cause for vitamin D supplementation? It will be interesting to see where this research goes. It could be another good reason to make that mid-winter getaway to a sunnier location.

While sunlight is critical for the production of vitamin D in our skin and potentially helpful for these conditions, all children and adults need protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Always remember sunscreen in order to prevent sunburn and skin-related diseases in the future!