Mount Nittany Medical Minute | Published November 18, 2019

Essential vitamins for kids: Remember your ABCs

  • Vitamin A is essential for growth, development and a healthy immune system. Vitamin A is found in certain colorful fruits and veggies. Be sure your kids eat a “rainbow” to nourish their bodies with fruits and veggies such as mangos, carrots, citrus fruits, salad greens and watermelon.
  • Vitamin B is needed for energy, brain function and stress management. Good sources include meat, milk, cheese and beans.
  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant for healthy inflammation response and is crucial for immune and brain function; some best sources of Vitamin C are orange juice, strawberries, bananas and spinach.
  • Vitamin D plays a major role in bone development; make sure to check with your pediatrician on how much Vitamin D your child should get, depending on their age.

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