News | Published October 18, 2010

Action Week (Raising Awareness for bone and joint health

Back pain is the fifth most common reason for hospitalization. These tips can help to reduce back pain:
o People with back pain often avoid exercise due to fear of pain. Low-impact exercise, such as walking and stretching, will actually help ease the discomfort.
o A poor diet can cause back pain. Clogged arteries prevent the circulation of nutrients and removal of waste near the spine, causing inflammation.
o If you have back pain and are sleeping on a mattress older than 5 to 7 years, it is time to consider a new one.
o High heels and flip-flops are also culprits of back pain. High heels force the wearer to arch the back, working the spinal muscles. Flip-flops unevenly distribute body weight when walking, causing sore muscles in the back.