Referring New Patients

Accepting new patients with initial appointments effective immediately

Instructions for referring a new patient to Mount Nittany Medical Center's pharmacist managed outpatient Anticoagulation Clinic:

  1. Contact Mount Nittany Medical Center's centralized scheduling at 814.234.6106 to set up the first appointment for the patient.
    • Length of first appointment will be 60 minutes
    AntiCoag_CFE UsePatient will need to register at the reception desk inside the Lance and Ellen Shaner Cancer Pavilion. Please have patient arrive 15 minutes early.
  2. Review Outpatient Pharmacy Anticoagulation Clinic Policy & Procedure. This policy serves as the collaborative agreement for pharmacy management.
  3. Print and fill out Mount Nittany Medical Center's Anticoagulation Physician Referral Form and include appointment date/time and fax it to 814.234.6775 (AC Clinic).
  4. If patient available (inpatient, at outpatient office, etc.), please print the Patient Itinerary Letter and write the appointment date and time on it for the patient. This information explains to the patient how the Anticoagulation Clinic works.
  5. In addition, please fax the following information to the Medical Center's Anticoagulation Clinic:
    • INRs and warfarin doses in the last one-two months
    • Current medication list
    • Past medical history