What Happens After Discharge?

When you are ready to leave Mount Nittany Medical Center, you will be provided with instructions that include any limitations on activities and for how long; any follow-up with a specialty physician or return appointment; and any medications you should take and when.

If the medication requires a prescription, you will receive a written prescription to take to the pharmacy of your choice. The Medical Center is not licensed to fill outpatient prescriptions; however, if it is in the evening when pharmacies are closed, we can often give you a starter supply until you can go to a pharmacy the next day.

University Health Services has a pharmacy, and there is a CVS drugstore downtown within walking distance of campus. Other nearby pharmacies are in major grocery stores (Giant, Wegman's and some Weis Markets), drugstores (Rite Aid, CVS and Eckerds) and discount stores (Walmart and Target).

We may also encourage you to contact your parents, if appropriate, so that they know your status and have an opportunity to ask any questions before you leave the ED. If you need transportation back to campus or town, we can use a taxi voucher that will be charged to your Penn State account.


Often patients have questions once they get home. You may call the Medical Center at 814.231.7000, and a switchboard operator will direct you to the appropriate department.

You can also call the Emergency Department directly at 814.234.6110 any time of the day or night and talk to one of our registered nurses who will be happy to assist you. Our goal is to help you recover as quickly and comfortably as possible and provide reassurance to ease the stress that illness and injury can cause.