The East Wing

In 2009, Mount Nittany Medical Center was reaching full capacity on a regular basis. Given the growing demand for healthcare in the region, Mount Nittany Medical Center partnered with a community in need of care to expand the Medical Center.

about/capital-improvements/the-east-wingThe east wing—a $38 million project funded in part by generous community gifts—provided a solution that improved patient care and comfort while meeting staff needs and desires for a more effective working environment.

Increasing the Medical Center's bed count to 260 beds when it opened in July 2010, the 52,000 square foot addition now provides modern comforts for patients while enhancing the way we deliver medical care.

Our patient rooms are not only custom-designed for maximum comfort, but also improve the quality of care we provide with features like:

  • Locked pass-through medicine cabinets outside patient rooms, replacing medicine carts pushed through hallways, help ensure that each patient gets the right medication. This also reduces the number of people who enter a patient's room, increasing privacy and reducing the risk of infection.
  • Overhead and area lighting as well as blackout shades are provided so patients can adjust the amount and type of light in their room. These special shades also permit radiology procedures right in the room.
  • Room features are remote controlled: lighting, temperature, television and alerting a nurse can all be done with the touch of a button.
  • Clocks are located at the foot of each bed to make it easier to see the time.
  • Locked closets provide a secure place for patients to keep their personal belongings.
  • Flat-screen televisions, provided free of charge, offer educational stations, on-demand movies and Internet access.
  • Restrooms in patient rooms are extra large to accommodate wheelchairs. Some restrooms also include an oxygen port, enabling patients to shower or use the restroom with more privacy and increased safety.
  • Each unit includes a built-in oxygen station as well as a digital system for looking up patient records.
  • Rooms in the Intensive Care Unit include cardiac monitors, special lifts in the restrooms and break-away doors for maximum patient safety.

Built from the patient up, the east wing helps us strengthen our focus on patient care to provide stronger, smarter, better healthcare for our region.