As part of its vision to become the most trusted source of healthcare for Central Pennsylvania, Mount Nittany Health aims to provide accurate, efficient, real-time information across the system of care - One Record.

In order to coordinate and integrate care, it is essential for Mount Nittany Health’s healthcare providers to have access to all of the relevant information regarding a patient at the point of care to ensure safety, quality, and cost-control for the patient, as well as the competency of the diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care.

This will significantly enhance Mount Nittany Health’s ability to move accurate, timely information across the continuum of care, creating a single, protected, comprehensive view of all the patient’s information at the point of care.

With the implementation of One Record, all of the patient’s health information is readily available on the physician’s computer, resulting in patients not having to remember all their medications, previous doctor’s appointments, or the most recent ER visit – it’s more about the time our providers can spend on making our community well and keeping them healthy, ensuring our patients receive the best care possible.

The One Record Team

Wayne Thompson, MS
Senior Vice President and
Chief Information Officer


Stephen Tingley, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer

John Murphy, PMP
One Record Project Manager


Beth Guss
Beth Guss
Department Coordinator,
Information Services

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