Virtual ER

Technical Support

We offer three ways to get Telehealth support.
Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Need Help Now?

Our Virtual ER is available on demand, 24/7.

How it Works

These visits are conducted through the use of a mobile device or computer. As “two-way” visits, patients and providers and see and hear one another throughout the visit.

  • To get started, click “Start a Virtual ER Visit” above.
  • Enter your name, then, click “Check in.”
  • The first time you visit, you will need to give your browser permission to access your microphone and camera for the call.
  • The first person who will connect with you will be a registration staff member. He or she will prepare you for the provider.
  • While you wait for your provider, you can explore the virtual waiting room. Your provider will start the call when he or she is ready.