Internal Medicine

Dr. Paul Guillard is an internist with Mount Nittany Physician Group.Internal medicine is primary medical care for adults. A patient's primary care physician is the doctor he or she sees regularly for health maintenance examinations and screening tests.

These physicians also treat routine illnesses such as a sore throat, upset stomach or the flu. An internist manages chronic conditions that do not require the services of a specialist, refers patients to a specialist when necessary and manages overall medical care.

More than 50 physicians who are a part of Mount Nittany Health practice internal medicine. To learn more about choosing an internist as your primary care physician, see our list of internists below or contact Mount Nittany Physician Group: Bellefonte, Green Tech Drive, Park Avenue or University Drive.


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Adult Self-Care for Colds

Colds are caused by viruses. They can’t be cured with antibiotics. However, you can relieve symptoms and support your body’s efforts to heal itself. No matter which symptoms you have, be sure to drink plenty of fluids (water or clear soup); stop smoking and drinking alcohol; and get plenty of rest. Understand a Fever Take your temperature several times a day. If your fever is 100.4°F for more than a day, call your doctor. Relax, lie down. Go to bed if you want. Just get off your feet and rest. Also, drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Take acetaminophen or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent (NSAID), such as ibuprofen. Treat a Troubled Nose Kindly Breathe steam or heated humidified air to open bloc...

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