Inpatient Diabetes Care

Managing diabetes while you are in the hospital can be a challenge. Mount Nittany Medical Center has assembled a team of trained professionals to help you achieve the best possible glycemic control during your hospital stay. Our team includes physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, registered dietitians, registered nurses, physical therapists and certified diabetes educators.

Services include:

  1. Management of blood sugar and appropriate blood glucose targets,
  2. Pharmacists assisting your physician on medication adjustment for optimal control,
  3. Healthy meals with carbohydrates calculated for you,
  4. Patient education TV channel with a variety of diabetes topics to enhance your lifestyle,
  5. Operating and maintaining your own insulin pump while under our care, and
  6. Assistance with self-management skills needed to go home and live a healthy life with diabetes.

To learn more, contact the diabetes network at 814.231.7095.