Specialties & Services

Bringing access to care closer to home is important. At Mount Nittany Health, we are working to support and secure the best in healthcare for our patients.

Currently boasting more than 40 areas of medical specialties and services, we're constantly looking to add to our offerings to serve our patients better.

We hope that the information and resources on these pages will better inform you of the excellent care you can expect to receive from Mount Nittany Health, including where you can receive the specialized care you need, what conditions we typically handle and what kind of treatment you might expect from our team of experienced providers.

Featured specialties and services

Mount Nittany's experienced surgeons are performing an orthopedic procedure.

Two cardiologists explain a medical chart to the patient.

Amy Leffard is one of Mount Nittany Health System's certified diabetes educators.

Mount Nittany's oncology patients receive treatment with the most sophisticated diagnostic and radiology equipment.

Other Specialties & Services

The Foundation’s 21st Annual Golf Tournament raised $150,000 for the new Cancer Center.

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