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Name Specialty Group
Ahmad, Fareed, MD Pediatric Cardiology Geisinger
Ambrose, David L., DO Cardiology Geisinger
Andersen, Stacy L., MD, PhD Internal Medicine Geisinger
Armstrong, Mark, MD General Surgery Geisinger
Aylward Jr., Howard J., MD Rheumatology (Arthritis) Geisinger
Ayoub, William T., MD Rheumatology (Arthritis) Geisinger
Bitterly, Thomas J., MD Plastic Surgery Geisinger
Blansfield, Joseph A., MD Surgical Oncology Geisinger
Blazina, Stacey L., DO Pediatrics Geisinger
Bradbury, James J., DO Cardiology Geisinger
Brink, Lela W., MD Pediatrics Geisinger
Byerly, Luann C., PA-C Physician Assistant, Plastic Surgery Geisinger
Callahan, Mary F., MD Family Medicine Geisinger
Cessna, Christopher T., DO Ophthalmology Geisinger
Cessna, Kelly, DO Pediatrics Geisinger
Charles, Kristine K., MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Geisinger
Chiera, Nicholas A., DO Obstetrics/Gynecology Geisinger
Clark, Michael J., MD Otolaryngology (Ear/Nose/Throat) Geisinger
Clinard, Pamela, PA-C Gastroenterology, Physician Assistant Geisinger
Coggins, David A., MD Pediatrics Geisinger
Cook, Jeffrey M., MD Pediatrics Geisinger
Coppes, John C., MD Hospital Medicine Geisinger
Craft, Brandon M., MD Gastroenterology Geisinger
Datta, Manabendra, MD Hospital Medicine Geisinger
Desai, Sheetal, DO Hospital Medicine Geisinger
DeSantis, Joseph G., MD Plastic Surgery Geisinger
Devan, Victoria J., DO Family Medicine Geisinger
Doberstein, Timothy F., MD Internal Medicine Geisinger
Duncan, Marten B., DO Gastroenterology Geisinger
Duncan, Mona, MD General Surgery Geisinger
Gallo, Jennifer M., PA-C Physician Assistant Geisinger
Gaslightwala, Irphan, MD Gastroenterology Geisinger
Glenn, Sara M., PA-C Physician Assistant, Plastic Surgery Geisinger
Grzonka, Robert L., MD Urology Geisinger
Harlor, Evan J., DO Otolaryngology (Ear/Nose/Throat) Geisinger
Hegstrom, Michael T., MD General Surgery Geisinger
Henry, Sheldon D., MD Cardiology Geisinger
Jacobs, M. Amanda, MD Dermatology Geisinger
Jarvie, Patrick A., MD Pediatrics Geisinger
Kauffman, Christian A., MD Plastic Surgery Geisinger
Kaviani, Nargess, MD Endocrinology and Metabolism Geisinger
Keiter, Carey K., DO Family Medicine Geisinger
King, A. Reauelle, MD Family Medicine Geisinger
Klepeiss, Stacy A., MD Dermatology Geisinger
Kopinski, Thomas O., DO Cardiology Geisinger
Kruszewski, Mary C., DO Obstetrics/Gynecology Geisinger
Lageman, Jacquelyn, PA-C Physician Assistant Geisinger
Lesko, Michael G., DO Cardiology Geisinger
Lichtenstein, Jeffrey, MD Gastroenterology Geisinger
Lombardo, Mark S., PA-C Physician Assistant Geisinger

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