At Mount Nittany Physician Group, our team of more than 130 providers, practicing in more than 20 different specialties, is dedicated to being your partner in health and wellness.  

Whether you're looking for a new doctor or simply want know to our providers better, click on any of the videos below. You'll learn what makes our providers unique, both professionally and personally.


I have a special bond with my patients. And, it means a lot to me to take care of them.”

Paul Guillard, MD

I look at my relationship with my patient as a partnership.”

Cynthia Alexander, MD

I strongly feel that being involved as a decision-maker with the patient, as opposed to a decision-maker for the patient, is the ideal.”

J. Frederick Doucette, MD, FACOG

I fell in love with cardiology. It was the obvious choice for me.”

Jeffrey G. Eaton, MD

I think one of my greatest strengths as a provider comes with my experience of being a mom.”

Maggie Ellis, PA-C

What I like to do the most is build a good rapport with patients, as we’re working together as a team.”

Richard T. Hale, DO

I absolutely love coming to work every day.”

Allyson S. Huggins, MD

What makes our group stand apart is our commitment to quality and our commitment to the patients who are here.”

Howard I. Miller, MD

I like to imagine each patient as a member of my family.”

Jonathan Nachtigall, DO

We take care of people in the community who work – we keep them working.”

Susan Ososkie, MS, CRNP, NP-C

It’s very rewarding for me to be able to be with the patients through their life stages and get to know them.”

Shreya Patel, MD, FACOG

One of the most special parts of completing radiation therapy is the last day of treatment.”

Veeral B. Patel, MD

One of my strengths as a physician is really sitting down and taking the necessary time with the patient.”

Emily A. Peterson, MD

I like when a patient’s face lights up, and they are hearing sounds they never heard before.”

Leslie Purcell, AuD

One of the things I like about medicine is that it's such a rewarding field.”

Kevin C. Roe, DO

My strength as a pediatrician is my ability to relate to parents and to patients.”

Rachel Schwab, MD

To share those really unique moments with my patients—it’s like no other feeling on earth.”

Jessica B. Shuman, MD

Mount Nittany Physician Group puts the patient first.”

Alexander W. Szymanski, MD

I like to treat my patients with kindness and compassion.”

Caryl Waite, PA-C

My personal philosophy is to communicate and connect with the patient. I try to deliver down-to-earth medicine.”

Christopher Yingling, MD

I chose family medicine because I wanted to be a part of the whole scope of a person's life.”

Tania Zuniga, MD