After being discharged, make sure you follow all of your physician's instructions.

Discharge instructions typically include the following reponsibilities:

  • Fill any prescriptions given by the surgeon and follow the discharge instructions about administering medication, if applicable.
  • Give your child clear liquids, such as ginger ale, apple juice, sports drinks and popsicles.
  • Give your child light meals the first day home from surgery and avoid fast food, which is too heavy and greasy for the post-op period.
  • Your child will probably want to sleep or rest comfortably for some time upon your return home. Keep physical activity to a bare minimum unless otherwise instructed by your physician.
  • Keep the discharge instructions on your refrigerator or near your telephone.
  • Call your physician's office or the Surgical Center at 814.234.6750 if you have any questions or any problems arise. If there are serious complications, go to the Emergency Department immediately.

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