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Board chair for Mount Nittany Health names new president & CEO

Published on December 10, 2016

James B. Thomas, PhD, chair, board of directors, Mount Nittany Health, is pleased to name Kathleen L. Rhine as the new president and CEO for the health system, effective January 30, 2017.

“After a nationwide search among top-tier healthcare executives, Mount Nittany Health is pleased to welcome Kathleen to our community as the new leader of our health system. Knowing Mount Nittany Health’s status as the region’s most trusted healthcare leader, the CEO search committee was diligent in finding the candidate with the right experience, leadership style and vision to continue a...

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Newborn care 101: Myth or fact?

Published on December 5, 2016 By Craig Collison, MD, pediatrics, Mount Nittany Physician Group

Bringing your newborn home from the hospital is an exciting time. As a new parent, you may be feeling overwhelmed that you are now responsible for a tiny baby. How often should you feed your baby? Where can you take baby? Can you hold baby too much? To help you enjoy this time together, check out these common newborn care myths:

Never wake a sleeping baby. This is probably the most common myth I hear. Newborns sleep around 16 to 18 hours per day on average. During the first couple of months, your pediatrician may recommend waking baby every two to four hours for feedings to ensure that he o...

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The decision to donate cord blood can help save lives

Published on November 28, 2016 By Theodore Hovick, Jr., MD, FACOG, ob/gyn, Mount Nittany Physician Group

Becoming a new mother is an incredible experience, whether it’s your first or fourth time. Among the many decisions you and your family will make during this journey is the opportunity to help save a life through the donation of your baby’s cord blood.

Cord blood is the blood that is left over from the umbilical cord and the placenta after giving birth. This blood is rich in stem cells and has been proven to aid in treating cancers like leukemia or lymphoma.

Instead of having the blood discarded after your baby’s birth, you and your family may choose to have this blood col...

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  • Board chair for Mount Nittany Health names new president & CEO
  • Newborn care 101: Myth or fact?
  • The decision to donate cord blood can help save lives





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