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Dangers of working in cold temperatures

Published on February 10, 2016 By Scott DeHart, MD, PhD, medical director, occupational health, Mount Nittany Physician Group

Now that winter is fully upon us, it may be worthwhile to review some of the problems associated with working in cold environments. A cold environment can produce a number of medical problems that fall under the category of “cold stress.” This can affect those working in freezing or near freezing temperatures, either outside or inside in unheated spaces.

The most life-threatening cold stress injury is hypothermia. Hypothermia is the fall in body temperature that affects all body systems, especially the brain where it lowers the ability to react and think clearly to avoid danger...

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Mount Nittany Medical Center achieves reaccreditation for cardiac catheterization lab

Published on February 1, 2016

Mount Nittany Medical Center is pleased to announce full reaccreditation for the cardiac catheterization lab through Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence (ACE).

Cardiac catheterization is the general name for the group of procedures that involve physician-guided long, thin tubes (catheters) entered through an artery in the leg or wrist into the heart and the coronary arteries. Catheterization can be used in an emergency to intervene during a heart attack or to identify and correct structural problems to prevent such events.

Mount Nittany Medical Center first obtained ACE accreditat...

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Embrace the colder months with great skincare

Published on January 25, 2016 By Lashelle Kuhlman, licensed aesthetician, reconstructive & cosmetic surgery, Mount Nittany Physician Group

Welcoming the harsh winter weather can be daunting, but now is a great time to erase the skin damage that the summer has left behind and prepare for the coldest months ahead. We all know that cold and dry air causes our skin to dehydrate, but there are a few tried and true ways to achieve good skincare during the winter months.

If you’re like most of us, winter’s brisk air leads to dry, itchy, irritated, flaky, and cracked skin, and not just on our faces, but on our knuckles and hands, too.

If you already limit your outdoor time during the winter, know that indoor heating also...

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  • Dangers of working in cold temperatures
  • Mount Nittany Medical Center achieves reaccreditation for cardiac catheterization lab
  • Embrace the colder months with great skincare





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