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I’m an adult, and my skin continues to break out. What can I do?

Published on April 22, 2015 By Lashelle Kuhlman, licensed aesthetician, reconstructive & cosmetic surgery, Mount Nittany Physician Group

Your teenage years are long gone and, although we still wish to sleep like we did as a teenager, we do not wish for acne again! Regardless of your age, acne can affect everyone. Adult acne is not uncommon; it’s actually on the rise. I can’t tell you how many times a day I have adult women asking me why they are getting breakouts at their age.

So, what’s causing breakouts in adults? Well it can be many factors; acne in adult women is usually more hormonal than anything. It is most common among women going through menopause or their monthly cycle.  In addition, trigger...

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Springtime allergies

Published on April 20, 2015 By John Cox, MD, pulmonary medicine, Mount Nittany Physician Group

With the spring season in full swing, you may begin to notice signs of allergies affecting you or your children. From runny or stuffed noses, itchy eyes, or ear infections, it’s important to be aware of these symptoms and how you can protect your family. Specifically, now is the time to begin allergy-proofing your home and the bedrooms are a great place to start.

Recent studies have shown that a large portion of Americans test positive for such indoor allergens as dust, mold, or pet dander, and it’s quite common for these allergens to appear in the bedroom.

Dust mites are the...

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All children deserve a safe and healthy childhood

Published on April 16, 2015 By Kristina Taylor-Porter, MA, executive director, Children's Advocacy Center of Centre County, Mount Nittany Health

April is recognized as National Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Month. With national statistics of one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday, the likelihood of knowing a child or adult who has been victimized is high. As adults, it's our obligation to recognize potential signs of abuse and take an active role in preventing, responding, and reporting suspicion of abuse.

Oftentimes, there are no physical signs of abuse or neglect; however, the most recognizable signs are changes in the child. Some signs may include but are not limited...

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  • I’m an adult, and my skin continues to break out. What can I do?
  • Springtime allergies
  • All children deserve a safe and healthy childhood





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