Community Health Needs Assessment

Mount Nittany Medical Center is currently conducting a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) in part for IRS reporting purposes, but also to support Mount Nittany Health's strategic priority of localizing healthcare for our community and as an essential part of our vision of becoming the most trusted healthcare provider in Central Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: Mount Nittany Medical Center announces CHNA implementation plan

Mount Nittany Medical Center's Board of Trustees approved the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) implementation plan on September 30, 2013. Please click here to download a copy of the report.

Mount Nittany Medical Center's Board of Trustees approved the final 2012-2013 CHNA report on April 29, 2013. Please click here to download a copy of the report.

Mount Nittany Medical Center's CHNA is comprised of five major components:

Health Needs Surveyshare

In order to capture information about the health needs/gaps and where they exist in our community, we asked community members to complete a brief community health needs assessment survey (made available online and in print).

After a month-long campaign held in partnership with various community organizations and groups, we were grateful to have received more than 1,130 completed surveys.

Currently, the survey results are being aggregated and used to inform discussions that Mount Nittany Medical Center will have internally and with community organizations to identify good ways forward in solving the most pressing issues for our residents.

Health Needs Summit

On Monday, February 25, 2013, the Centre County Partnership for Community Health (CCPCH) hosted the first of what is planned to be a series of semi-annual health needs summits for Centre County. The summit series is intended to provide a CCPCH logodedicated and collaborative forum for community health experts, leaders, advocates, and elected officials to discuss, define, and prioritize health needs and gaps in our region. The goal is for leaders to work together to identify and pursue synergies between organizations and agencies in our area to more completely and efficiently meet the needs of our residents. Information about community health needs gathered by Mount Nittany Medical Center during its CHNA process served as the basis for initial summit discussions. 

As a follow up to the first health needs summit, the Centre County Partnership for Community Health hosted six monthly brown bag lunches. Each lunch addressed a major community health need presented at the summit. The series helped identify ways to improve the community’s health and find real solutions to major health needs in our community. 

A second summit was held at the Medical Center on Monday, November 18 to review the key findings from the brown bag lunches and discuss how to address these findings moving forward.

Key Stakeholder Interviews

As part of the CHNA process, Mount Nittany Medical Center is scheduling a series of up to approximately 40 key stakeholder interviews with elected officials, directors and board members of various health-related organizations in the Medical Center's service area, and knowledgeable community health advocates and experts. The opinions and insights expressed during these interviews will be used to inform discussion topics at the health needs summits described above.

Internal Insights

The Medical Center has convened an internal advisory team and has conducted select interviews with key stakeholders who work within Mount Nittany Health to capture insights into the issues that our healthcare providers see, hear about, and have researched in the course of providing care to residents of our community over time. Results of these internal discussions and interviews will be incorporated into Mount Nittany Medical Center's final CHNA documentation.

Secondary Data

Publicly available health, census, and demographics data will be compiled and incorporated into this CHNA to provide high-level insight into prevailing risk factors and health-promoting or health-limiting factors specific to our region. A complete list of sources and findings will be included with our final CHNA documentation. Please check back in early June of 2013 to download and review that final documentation.

Questions about Mount Nittany Medical Center's CHNA or any of these five components can be directed to Nathan Elliott, director of system decision support, at or by calling 814.231.7124.