Every three years Mount Nittany Health conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

As the trusted local healthcare leader, Mount Nittany Health is committed to understanding and addressing the most pressing health and wellness concerns for our community. In order to do that, a community health needs assessment (CHNA) is completed by Mount Nittany Health every three years.

Data collected from our last CHNA (completed in 2013) identified six priority areas: mental health, obesity/diabetes, oral health, access to care, substance abuse, and healthy aging. An implementation plan based on this data was deployed, detailing specific tactics to address each of the six identified priority areas. In addition, Mount Nittany Health invested in developing the community health and outreach department. Likewise, as a follow up to the 2013 CHNA, continuing medical education sessions, community sponsorships, and health/wellness promotions, such as the recent “Centre Moves” campaign, have become aligned with priority areas identified in the 2013 assessment.
Building on this momentum, Mount Nittany Health, in conjunction with Centre Foundation, Centre County United Way, and Centre County Partnership for Community Health, will conduct a 2016 CHNA. The 2016 CHNA will once again be used as a tool for informing strategy, funding and action plans for improving the health of our community. The 2016 CHNA will be complete by June 30, 2016, and a community action implementation plan will be presented later this fall.

To date, a comprehensive review, analysis and report of publically-reported data related to health in Centre County has been completed. In addition, a survey of community and clinical leaders has been conducted.
Key findings to date include the following:

  • Centre County is a very healthy community with an abundance of resources to address health needs
  • Strong community partners are available to work together to assess, address and make an impact
  • Centre County is at or exceeding many Healthy People 2020 goals
  • There is still work to do to address disparate populations
  • Chronic disease, mental health, dental health, and substance abuse are national and local priorities

In the weeks ahead, Mount Nittany Health will hold community focus groups, complete a thorough review and analysis regarding the utilization of Mount Nittany Health services, and hold a partnership forum. These strategies will inform the presentation of a formal 2016 CHNA report with findings, including prioritization of identified community health needs.

Please check back here for periodic updates. In the meantime if you have questions on the current or next CHNA please contact Jeannine Lozier, community outreach coordinator, at jlozier@mountnittany.org.