Energy of Daily Activities

Estimates of Sedentary and Active Energy Expenditures for Common Activities

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Sedentary kcal Active kcal
Using remote control device to change TV channel <1 Getting up and changing channel 3
Reclining for 30 mins. of phone calls 4 Standing for 3 10 minute phone calls 20
Using garage door opener <1 Raising garage door two times a day 2-3
Hiring someone to clean and iron 0 Ironing and vacuuming for 30 mins. 152
Waiting 30 mins. for pizza delivery 15 Cooking for 30 mins. 25
Buying presliced vegetables 0 Washing, slicing, chopping vegetables for 15 mins. 10-13
Using a leaf blower for 30 mins. 100 Raking leaves for 30 mins. 150
Using a lawn service 0 Gardening and mowing each for 30 mins. a week 360
Using car wash one time a month 18 Washing and waxing car, one hour a month 300
Letting dog out the back door 2 Walking dog for 30 mins. 125
Driving 40 mins., walkin 5 mins. (parking) 22 Walking 15 mins. to bus stop two times a day 60
Sending email to colleague, 4 mins. 2-3 Walking one minute, talking (standing) 3 mins. 6
Taking elevator up 3 flights 0.3 Walking up 3 flights 15
Parking as close as possible, 10-s walk 0.3 Parking in first spot, walking 2 mins., five times a week 8
Letting cashier unload shopping cart 2 Unloading full shopping cart 6
Riding escalator 3 times 2 Climbing 1 flight of stairs, three times a week in mall 15
Shopping online for one hour 30 Shopping at mall, walking 1 hour 145-240
Sitting in car at drive-in window, 30 mins. 15 Parking and walking inside, three times a week, total 30 mins. 70
Paying at the pump 0.6 Walking into station to pay, once a week 5
Sitting and listening to lecture, 60 mins. 30 Giving lecture


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