News | Published August 7, 2012 | Written by Camille Brown, licensed aesthetician

National Psoriasis Awareness Month – treating the chronic skin condition

Approximately 7.5 million Americans are searching for relief from psoriasis, a chronic skin condition in which cells rapidly accumulate and form scaly patches that are red, white, rough and itchy.

The lifelong condition - widely believed to be an autoimmune disease - gives sufferers no up-front indication of its progression, flares or remissions. Currently, no cure has been found; however, medication is available to reduce inflammation and remove scale buildup.

Another way to alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis includes treatment options from an aesthetician that are tailored for specific types of psoriasis.

At Mount Nittany Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery, we offer various protocols for the treatment of psoriasis. For non-inflamed and aggravated skin, we provide treatment that helps reduce symptoms in order to bring a healthier balance and appearance to the skin.

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