Puberty Changes Boys and Girls

Changes During Puberty for Boys and Girls

What is puberty? Growing up. Everyone goes through the same process. Whether you start at age 9 or at age 15, it's all "normal.''You are still you inside. Your body and feelings are changing at their own pace. Growing up can be a great experience: a time of changing and finding out who you are.



Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Some girls' breasts grow early; others grow late. Most girls have one breast that grows faster than the other.

  • Your breasts start growing, first with the nipples and the dark area around them (the areolae).
  • Your feet and hands grow next.
  • Then you'll gain most of your height and muscle.
  • Underarm and pubic hair appear first as downy fuzz, and later grow thicker and darker.
  • Adipose tissue (fat) gives you a curvier shape; a certain amount of fat is needed for normal periods.



An erection is the swelling and stiffening of your penis. Erections don't only happen in sexualsituations. It's also normal to get a "hardon'' just from your pants rubbing against you.

  • Your testicles start to grow. Then your penis grows.
  • Your feet and hands grow next.
  • Your muscle may double and you gain most of your height.
  • Underarm hair, pubic hair, and facial hair appear first as fuzz, and later grow thicker and darker.
  • Your breast tissue may grow a bit and then shrink.
  • Your voice deepens.