Well Baby Exam (Under 1 Mo)

Well Baby Exam [Under 1 Month]

Based on your child’s exam today, there are no signs of illness. There can be a lot of variation in what is normal for an infant and your concerns are natural. But, be assured that the symptoms that worried you are normal for a baby of this age.

Home Care:

1) Continue with the current type of feeding.

2) Watch for any new or unusual symptoms not already discussed today.

Follow Up

with your doctor for the next routine appointment. For more information:

  • Kid's Health web site:

Get Prompt Medical Attention

if any of the following occur:

-- Poor feeding

-- Redness around the umbilical cord stump

-- Failure to gain weight as expected or weight loss (during first 2 months of age)

-- Fever over 100.4º F (38.0º C) rectal

-- New rash appears

-- Fast breathing (over 60 breaths per minute)

-- Pain with urination or smelly urine

-- No wet diapers for 6 hours, no tears when crying, "sunken" eyes or dry mouth

-- White patches in the mouth that do not wipe away

-- Repeated diarrhea or vomiting or unable to take fluids

-- Unusual fussiness or drowsiness

-- Other new or unusual symptoms not discussed today crying, "sunken" eyes or dry mouth