News | Published July 25, 2013 | Written by Kathy Dittmann, director of service excellence

Free hearing-assisted services can help you understand your health

It’s important that patients take an active part in their health; however, this can be difficult for patients who are hard of hearing. Important medical information, such as diagnosis, treatment options, financial obligations for services and instructions for care at home, must be clearly understood by the patient. When medical information is not being heard by the patient, then their safety may be comprised.

To ensure quality care is provided to each and every patient at Mount Nittany Medical Center, we offer free hearing-assisted devices or interpreter services to hearing-impaired patients. We find it important to ask the patient how to best communicate with him/her, and for patients who are unsure of how to best facilitate communication, we work with them to find the best method.

Healthcare workers at Mount Nittany Medical Center are trained to focus on the individual patient and can help recognize if the patient is hard of hearing. Communication needs as well as assistive devices that each patient reports to using or needing is documented in their electronic patient record. For patients who are hearing impaired, we offer a blue “hard of hearing” sticker to be placed on the patient’s identification bracelet as an alert to support other means of communication.  

To help determine if you or a loved one has trouble with hearing, ask yourself (or them) the following questions:

  • Do you have difficulty hearing over the phone?
  • Do you have trouble following the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time?
  • Do people complain that you turn up the volume too high?
  • Do you have to strain to understand conversations?
  • Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves?
  • Do you misunderstand what others are saying and respond inappropriately?
  • Do people get annoyed because you misunderstand what they say?

For more information on the services provided by Mount Nittany Medical Center and to ensure care is not compromised due to hearing impairment, please visit or contact the Service Excellence Department at 814.234.6780.