News | Published May 9, 2012

e-Newsletter provides health information that “Parents Need to Know”

"Does my child have the flu?" "How can I tell if my child broke a bone?" "Is the latest vaccine safe for my child?"

Parents have a ton of questions about the health of their child, and it can be challenging for parents to know all vital information. To provide parents with the information they need to know about their child's health, Craig Collison, MD, pediatrician at Mount Nittany Physician Group, has updated his monthly e-newsletter, "Parents Need to Know."

"I - and all of the pediatricians - spend a large portion of our clinic time providing information and advice to parents, and the e-newsletter is a great way to use technology to get necessary and useful information to a large number of parents," said Dr. Collison. "With the internet containing so much information - both good and bad - my hope is to provide quality information from a reliable source for parents who are trying to do their best in taking care of their kids."

The brand-new version features relevant health topics such as product safety information, seasonal health concerns for children and tips to keep children healthy. In addition, there is a monthly column titled "Ask the pediatrician," which answers questions submitted by readers. To submit a question, please contact

"Pediatrics is extremely important, and I don't want any patient or community member to feel as though they cannot receive an answer about their child's health," said Dr. Collison, who grew up in State College. "By writing the e-newsletter, I can be more available to my patients and the overall community, as well as ensure everyone is better informed about the health of children."

The e-newsletter will be sent to subscribers each month. To subscribe to "Parents Need to Know," visit Dr. Collison practices at Mount Nittany Physician Group's Boalsburg and Bellefonte offices. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Collison, call 814.466.7921 to contact the Boalsburg office or 814.355.3626 to reach the Bellefonte office.