The faculty participates in teaching courses, supervising applied laboratory learning experiences, evaluating student achievement, developing curriculum, formulating policy and procedures, and evaluating program effectiveness.

Faculty members should demonstrate adequate knowledge and proficiency in their content areas and demonstrate the ability to teach effectively at the appropriate level. They will be evaluated by the students at the end of student rotations.

We verify and document ongoing professional development of program faculty to ensure that faculty members are able to fulfill their instructional responsibilities. Faculty members are required to provide the program director with documentation of continuing education credits accumulated during the year. Faculty will be offered professional development by the program director, and documentation of attendance will be recorded.

A log will be kept by the program director of consultations/suggestions/cooperation between the program director and the faculty/section heads.

Faculty Members

  • Margaret Pruss, M.Ed., MT (ASCP), Program Director
  • Amanda Bickel, MT (ASCP), Immunology/Serology Section Head
  • Sherry Ippolito, MT (ASCP), Hematology Section Head
  • Terri Long, MT (ASCP), Special Chemistry Section Head
  • Jessica Larson MHS, MT (ASCP), Chemistry Section Head
  • Kim Satow, MT (AMT), Blood Bank Section Head
  • Martin Oakley, MT (ASCP), Microbiology Section Head

Guest Lecturers

  • Raymond Vautour, MD, Pathologist, Medical Director
  • Eddie Corona, MBA, MT (ASCP), Laboratory Administrative Director
  • Jerry Dittmann , BA, MA, Mount Nittany Medical Center Vice President, Human Resources
  • Marlene Stetson, RN, Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator
  • Marianne Thomas, MT (ASCP), QC and Documentation Specialist
  • Lisa Badger, MT (ASCP), POCT Coordinator
  • Debra Smeal, MT (AMT)
  • Gordon Handte, MD, Pathologist
  • Brian Kolar, MD, Pathologist
  • Paul Murray, MD, Pathologist